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Dec 3

Lenzr Announces Five Winners, Three Photo Contests Sill Running!

The winners for five of Lenzr’s photo contests have been revealed! The photo contests Backyard Critters, Pets in Winter Coats, Concrete Ideas, Colourful Houses, and Water On Skin all turned out to be hugely successful, with many raking in thousands of votes. Here’s the scoop on the winners:

Liane wins an iPad for Backyard Critters.

Liane's daughter collected the most votes with Snail Trail, the  winning photo for Lenzr's Backyard Critters photo contest Her adorable photo, “Snail Trail”, won people’s hearts and votes with her cross-eyed daughter Isabelle and a nose-occupying snail.

Roxxyroller wins two iPads for Concrete Ideas and Colourful Houses

A Beauty of a Concrete is roxxyroller's winning photo in Lenzr's  Concrete Ideas contestRoxxyroller's photo of a colourful apartment wins her an iPad in  Lenzr's Colourful Houses photo contest Her photos “A Beauty of A Concrete” and “Colourful House in Cuba” proved to be a favourite among voters. Congratulations, Roxxyroller!

Seattledredge wins $500 of Soya Boutique skincare products for Water On Skin

The Dive is the winning photo of Lenzr's Water On Skin Photo ContestHer photo “The Dive” of a woman’s silhouette gracefully gliding in aqua water ranked first in this photo contest.

Heidip wins a snowblower for Pets in Winter Coats

Rocco the Beagle is Heidip's winning photo in Lenzr's Pets in  Winter Coats photocontest Rocco the beagle proved to be smartly dressed in her winning photo, “Winter - Prairie Dressed”. We’re sure that you and Rocco will enjoy the snowblower this winter. Congratulations to all the winners! A big thank you goes to all the contestants and voters who participated in this contest. Although the above contests are now over, Lenzr still has three more that are currently running, and you could win cool prizes like a Toshiba Netbook! Lenzr's photo contests for ERP software, designer swimwear, and a  beauty school

Broken Factories: Find the beauty in imperfection

Perfection is overrated, flaws are intriguing. That’s the concept behind Lenzr’s Broken Factories photo contest, which focuses on Canada’s many abandoned warehouses and forgotten buildings. Over the years, our country has undergone many significant urban shifts and in the process, these buildings were left behind in the dark. This photo contest aims to bring them back into the light. Look at the processes of urban decay in these buildings; they each have their own story. Capture it in a snapshot and submit it to the contest for your chance to win a Toshiba netbook, courtesy of a leading ERP software developer.

Making It Beautiful: The Process of Beauty

And from imperfections to perfection, Lenzr’s Making It Beautiful contest asks what it takes to make something beautiful. How is beauty created, enhanced, and reflected? Whether it be a painter’s hand the last few strokes on the canvas or a photographer trying to get just the right angle, submit your best snapshot of an artist putting the finishing touches on their masterpiece. You could win $500 worth of advanced hairstyling products from a beauty school.

Canadian Beaches: Diversity in Waterscapes

Our last photo contest, Canadian Beaches, is about diversity. Though Canada may not be the warmest climate, we have thousands of unexplored beaches that offer a great canvas for some interesting waterscape photography. Submit your best photo of a Canadian beach for your chance to win three pieces of designer swimwear from an exclusive line. Just be sure to clearly indicate the beach name and location on your photo. You better hurry, the voting period will begin soon on December 20, 2010. All three contests run until January 1st, 2010. Good luck to all contest participants, and happy picture-taking!