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Sep 3

Kitewing, my real life superhero character idea

Kitewing is a real life superhero with special abilities; he’s a zero emission crime fighter who goes where the wind takes him.


Kitewing rides a bicycle tire dirt surfer holding a 12foot nylon kitewing , both of which actually exist in the market today. He uses this apparatus to propel himself quietly through high crime areas, looking for trouble. 

He’s most active on really windy nights when he can fly over buildings.

He can switch to paragliding but use his wing instead of parachute.

He rides his dirt surfer and scans the streets (and beaches) for evildoers. Kitewing is a prize fighter with a deadly flying kick.


He really likes to patrol the beach on windy days.

Do you have a real life superhero idea?

I just registered a new website,

I think it might make a cool web series…    What do you think?