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Jan 19

NEW Sonar Fishfinder for iPhone, Android

Behold the FishHunter portable sonar fishfinder for Apple or Android on sale today for $229, sure to be the coolest thing at the cottage in 2014. 


Fishermen don’t use fish finders to find fish, but rather they use the sonar to study the lake bottom or riverbed looking for structure preferred by species they hope to catch.


Ever wondered what lies below the calm waters of your favourite fishing hole? Now you can find out as you survey the landscape below the lake.


FishHunter’s free fishing app has an onboard Fish Species Database that details the preferred habitats of over 150 different game fish alongside bait suggestions and crafty tips for catching all these different creatures.

Got Maps? FishHunter is an interactive Fishing Atlas. Users can harness GPS systems to pinpoint their catches on marine maps loaded with memory and social sharing features, as they log details for their own continuous improvement.

Moon Cycles app charts nine different phases of the moon, dates and proper times for Solunar Fishing.

Photo Contests - be sure and check out the FishHunter photo contests for exclusive access to great prizes and community events.

imageFishHunter Sonar is made by Military Contractors in Korea, and the Fishing App was made in Toronto Canada

Read about the science behind the sonar in Fish Hunter and get an inside look at the workings of the parent company on Fuel Ghoul.

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